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What Will Impact Your Global Talent Management Programs in 2016?

Learn about what will impact your global talent management programs in 2016 in this webinar! The global mobility industry is constantly changing. It seems as if new trends and new regulations that could impact company mobility programs emerge almost daily. With so much change happening so fast, how can a company know what trends will have the most impact on its talent management objectives? We want to help you answer that question. Join Altair Global and our Vice President, Global Consulting Services, Mary Beth Nitz, as we take a look at the key trends that could impact your global talent management program in 2016. She discusses U.S. real estate market trends, talent management and people analytics, demographics of expatriates, service delivery methods, global security preparedness, the future of global payments, and global mobility as a strategic business partner.

Published On: May 3, 2016

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