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Unpack the Adventure in Every Move with
Experience Management

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Every relocation ends with a change of address, but the measure of its success is more than the destination. It’s the journey. For Altair Global, that success begins and ends with Experience Management (XM). Through our intuitive platform, our teams have insight into every ongoing relocation. By collecting the data during moments that matter, we can personalize every move and assignment and course correct where needed.

XM doesn’t just account for individual preferences and adjustments — with the platform’s predictive analytics functionality, we enable our clients to see the emerging trends and apply those learnings to their entire program. Our industry-leading platform helps turn every relocation and assignment into your employees’ next adventure.

Key Features

Our goal is to deliver a seamless, customized relocation experience for every employee. These features will help make that goal a reality for you and your relocating talent.

Omnichannel Dashboard

Our team of experts monitors every ongoing relocation and assignment through this highly-visual, at-a-glance view. It lets us see how every move is going, every step of the way.


These succinct digital check-ins elicit feedback from your employees while they’re on the move. Armed with the responses, we can make sure everything is going according to plan — and raise a flag if it isn’t.

Close-the-Loop Resolution Tracking

If an employee voices a concern during a relocation, our XM technology records the issue and notifies the right Altair Global team member to prompt a personalized, timely response.

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With our XM platform and digital X-checks, every move becomes an opportunity to improve your relocation program for this move and the next.


Efficiently review updates on every
ongoing relocation.


Turn inputs into actionable


Make adjustments on
the move.


Uncover patterns that lead to
program improvements.

Experience Management at Altair Global

It’s more than a product or service we offer our clients. It’s our end-to-end approach for providing exceptional experiences to everyone we interact with – our clients, their employees, our suppliers, and our internal team members.

Every Adventure Starts with a Next Step

Whether you’re moving a new college graduate or a senior executive, you can trust Altair Global to help you provide a customized experience for every employee. To learn more about XM and how we can help you unpack the adventure in every move, request a demo today.

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