Altair 2.0

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One of the best things about Altair Global is that we embrace growth and change. We know our industry is evolving and we are committed to keeping pace with global business best practices. As a part of this commitment, Altair formed an internal project team aptly named Altair 2.0 to focus on internal process improvements and innovations across a wide variety of topics. The purpose of Altair 2.0 is to challenge our employees to rethink how we conduct our daily business. The goal is to make our jobs easier and the company an even better place to work. It’s not a person or a team…it’s a state of mind.

With participants from every global office, and projects spanning multiple disciplines that benefit our employees, our clients, and their transferring employees, Altair 2.0 is driving major changes across our business and our culture.

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Business Intelligence

Big data is big business these days. Companies need to have access to their spend, volume, and trends to make mission critical decisions regarding their talent management objectives. Our job is to keep our clients in-the-know through our technology, reporting and benchmarking solutions, so we have to focus on continually improving our processes, system capabilities, and the analytics behind what we do.

Altair Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

The key to any company’s success is the dedication and engagement of its employees. Altair recognizes that as we support our clients’ employees in moves across the world, we also have to support our own employees to ensure optimal results. Our Employee Engagement initiatives include programs on reward and recognition and improving internal communication. We believe that a more engaged workforce is a more productive workforce.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to expanding our current corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives beyond our existing programs to make more impact in our world. Our CSR projects focus on making “environmentally conscious” our baseline…not a one-day event, but an everyday mindset. Beyond the environment, Altair is committed to being a company of action, so our employees are allowed time off to engage in their community and find ways to improve our world. And finally, our company was built upon and driven by a focus on being an honorable, ethical partner to our clients, our customers, and our suppliers. We want to be known by all who do business with us as a leader in our industry and in our global community.