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Altair Voted Top Relocation Company in 2021… TWICE!

There’s nothing like kicking off the start of the year with recognition for the great work you’re doing… except perhaps being recognized for it twice over!

Altair Global is honored to be listed as one of “The 5 Best Corporate Relocation Companies of 2021” by The Balance Careers, as well as to be acknowledged by Industry Era Review magazine as one of the “10 Best Corporate Relocation Solution Providers of 2021!”

The Balance Careers ranked Altair Global as runner-up for “Best Overall,” stating their decision was based on Altair’s “hand’s on, boutique approach, technology that shows customers what is being done and what’s left to finish, and the company’s overall transparency.”

“Being recognized as one of the best organizations across the globe at doing what we do, not once but twice, speaks directly to our continued commitment to experience management (XM),” said Chad Sterling, CEO at Altair Global. “Our constant innovation with technology platforms paired with our dedication to a personalized XM approach for each client and customer is what makes us stand out against other companies out there, and these nominations prove just that.”

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The 5 Best Corporate Relocation Companies of 2021


Altair Global listed as runner-up for overall best relocation company of 2021 by The Balance Careers

10 Best Corporate Relocation Solution Providers of 2021


Altair Global named as top 10 relocation solution providers of 2021 by Industry Era Review Magazine

Published On: February 10, 2021

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