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Industry Spotlight: Altair Global Discusses AI in Talent Relocation in Mobility Magazine by WERC

In the latest issue of Mobility Magazine, WERC shines a light on how artificial intelligence (AI) integration may apply in streamlining the talent relocation process moving forward.

WERC spoke with two of Altair’s experts, Jason Beaudreau, Chief Technology Officer, and Susan Myers, Senior Vice President of Global Financial Services, to gain insights on the potential applications, challenges, and considerations surrounding the use of AI in talent relocation.

“Altair has been using AI and machine learning in global financial services for quite some time as we efficiently process supplier invoices and expense reimbursements. We have not eliminated the human aspect of expense auditing, but rather allowed the technology to handle the administrative work while focusing our team on the intricacies of coding for …client-specific contract requirements, and more.”

– Susan Myers, Senior Vice President, Global Financial Services at Altair Global

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Published On: January 8, 2024

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