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STAR Client Portal Feature Enhancement: Sort Authorizations by Estimated Start Date

At Altair Global, we’re fully committed to our client partners and their experience through our experience management (XM) methodology, and that includes continuously improving our technology for ease of use.

In an effort to continue enhancing the client partner experience (CPX), we continue to update our STAR Client Portal based on client partner feedback. Keep reading below to hear more about our latest STAR Client Portal update.

Sort Authorizations by Estimated Start Date

Previously, pending or draft authorizations could be sorted by employee name, policy, date created, created by, company, and status. However, it was recognized by our team members that various client partners need a way to prioritize pending or draft authorizations by estimated start date, as well, so that urgent authorizations may be submitted and handled first.

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This update includes an addition of “Estimated Start Date” to the View Authorization Screen, allowing our client partner users to sort pending or draft authorizations by the customer’s estimated start date in order to prioritize their submission.

This is often useful for client partners of ours who have a large volume of authorizations that require their approval and need to make sure the most urgent ones are handled first. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and innovations as we continue to shape the future of global mobility with our tech ecosystem. 

Published On: November 16, 2023

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