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Unlocking Customer Insights from Experience Data

As an experience management (XM)-focused organization, we check in with our customers at key moments throughout their relocation journey. This experience (or X) data of sentiments, feelings, and emotions is married with operational (or O) data to unlock key insights that help us better serve our customers and client partners. 

As Altair Global prepares to celebrate a full five years of XM practice, we take stock of the myriad ways customer experience data influences change within our organization and beyond. Employed in all aspects of our business, from team member and supplier partner performance management to project prioritization and resource allocation, and even to client global mobility program evolution, the voice of the customer (VOC) gives rise to constructive change.

“So, what comes next in Altair’s XM maturity?”

We’re glad you asked!

Throughout our XM journey to date, we now employ more than 1.2 million individual customer sentiments in an ever evolving and ever-growing analytical model. With excitement and a passion for driving change for the better, we will be deploying analytics and insights to our client partners using these data analyses and forecasting models.

We seek to build on our achievements through our close-the-loop process, wherein customer feedback continuously informs and influences stakeholders; that is customers, client partners, supplier partners, and Altair team members, collectively driving incremental experience improvement.

At this point in our journey, the law of large numbers suggests that we have sufficient data to define the varied customer persons we serve, and also to predict the future experiences of similar customers. Monitoring and measuring customer experiences over the past five years can now lead us to predict the needs, preferences, and satisfaction levels of the customers we are yet to serve.

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For example, the data predicts, with statistical significance, if the customer agrees that Altair made the relocation process easy for them, they are nearly seven times more likely to be satisfied with their overall Altair move experience.

Another example: We can predict the likelihood of a customer’s satisfaction with their overall move experience as influenced by their family size and program type; and can further compare or contrast their satisfaction with customers of other family sizes and/or program types.

And the many customer persona variables we leverage in our analysis, experiential and operational, individual and/or correlated, continue to unlock useful insights for those in the talent management ecosystem. Better understanding the relative impact of variables such as move timelines, policy benefits, customer generation, move type, geographic move patterns, socioeconomic factors, and more will help influence the manners in which we craft policies, serve customers, and ultimately curate unparalleled mobility experiences.

Want to learn more about our XM program and the insights X data can unlock? Reach out to your Altair Global representative or contact us here.

Published On: October 13, 2023

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