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Fostering the Team Member Experience through Inclusion & Diversity

Learn how Altair Global implemented team member resource groups, or TMRGs, to drive team member engagement and retention, as well as support inclusion and diversity, resulting in a 21-point increase on the Culture of Inclusion Index.

The pandemic brought sudden isolation across the world, which was counter to Altair’s strong community of care and connection throughout the organization. Altair recognized that it needed to take action to ensure team members felt a greater sense of inclusion and that they belonged, and to meet the needs of its diverse customers, clients, and supplier partners.

One of Altair’s core values is authenticity. We value each of our team members’ authenticity, which means you don’t have to try to be anyone but yourself. To underscore this commitment, Altair established team member resource groups (TMRGs) to provide a place for team members of different backgrounds to come together, collaborate on ideas, share their perspectives, and learn from each other.

Leveraging Our Experience Management Platform to Take Action

True to its culture, Altair enabled its proprietary Experience Management platform to create an Experience Check (or X-check – a survey), with the goal of pulsing all team members to understand their needs and what types of TMRGs they would participate in.

Through this organic, technology-driven process, 34 themes emerged for potential groups that could form. Then, Altair focused on the frequency of the groups and identified five of the 34 that had the greatest team member interest. Once the five groups were identified, group leaders were chosen based on the interest level of the team members. In May 2020, Altair launched the following five TMRGs, each with a specific focus:

ALMA – Altair for Latin American Memories and Ancestry

BOLD – Black Organizers & Leaders for Diversity

HOPE – Helping Others Peacefully Exist

LEAP – People of Different Languages and Ethnicity Coming Together with Acceptance

PULSE – Pride, Unity, Love, Solidarity, and Equality

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The TMRGs are open to all team members, regardless of whether they identify with the group’s focus, gladly accepting ally membership. The company provides funding and resources to support the TMRGs, including meeting spaces, training, and events.

We Were Just Getting Started

The launch of the TMRGs proved an instant success. Team members who join TMRGs report feeling more connected to the company and their colleagues. They also report feeling more supported and empowered to bring their whole selves to work, aligning with Altair’s value of authenticity. So, it was no surprise when in 2022, two additional TMRGs emerged:

LIFE – Leaning In For the Environment

POWER – Promoting Opportunities for Women to Excel and Rise

The LIFE TMRG has been instrumental in generating and supporting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives – read more on our CATALYST initiative here. The POWER TMRG recently held a five-week Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories series highlighting the journeys of women leaders at Altair.

Team members can submit a request to form a TMRG at any time provided they have at minimum five active team members, three leadership roles identified for the TMRG, and a mission and purpose. They then submit their application to the Diversity Council for organizational support. This year we added another TMRG with a focus on supporting our veterans and their families:

VALOR – Veterans & Allies Leading Organizational Results

The Impact of Putting People First

“We measure inclusion annually during our Gallup Culture of Inclusion Index assessment. Since 2019 our index ranking has increased by 21 points. Our TMRGs are just one of our diversity management mechanisms contributing to Altair’s success.” – Trapper Pace, Director of Global Engagement & Development

To date, 35% of the organization participates in at least one TMRG. Our TMRGs provide opportunities for team members to create inclusive environments, spark engagement, and foster a sense of belongingness. The TMRGs have also helped to increase the representation of diverse team members in the company’s workforce. By providing team members with a platform to connect, learn, and advocate for their interests, TMRGs can help bolster a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

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Trapper Pace

Director, Global Engagement & Development

Trapper is responsible for leading inclusion and diversity management for Altair Global, overseeing the coaching and training of people leaders, and driving engagement efforts. Trapper is a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach and is currently pursuing his doctorate in organizational leadership with an emphasis in positive psychology. His research focuses on deep-level diversity and inclusion in multinational corporations.

Published On: May 12, 2023

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